lyriccenter2  Houston Office
The Lyric Centre
440 Louisiana Street, Suite 1350
Houston, TX 77002-1056
Telephone: (713) 718-4600
Fax: (713) 718-4610
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Marjorie A. Meyers - Federal Public Defender 
Michael L. Herman- First Assistant FPD
Philip G. Gallagher - Supervisory AFPD

Scott A. Martin - Assistant FPD
Joshua B. Lake - Assistant FPD
Kathryn Shephard - Assistant FPD
Evan Howze - Assistant FPD
Amr Ahmed - Assistant FPD
Darryl Austin - Assistant FPD
Ruben Pena, Jr. - Assistant FPD
J. Dennis Hester - Assistant FPD
Heather Hughes - Assistant FPD
Kevin Cobb - Assistant FPD
Alex Rosa-Ambert - Assistant FPD
Victoria Gilcrease-Garcia - Assistant FPD

Casey A. Collins - Chief Investigator
Corina Ramos - Investigator
Jessica Mireles - Paralegal
Israel Aguilar - Interpreter


Alejandro G. Labanzat - Supervisory Computer Systems Administrator
Marcus Morales -Computer Systems Administrator

Laura Dusthimer - Administrative Officer
Dora N. Madrigal - Administrative Assistant
Tony E. Hamilton - Financial Administrator

Collins C. Murphy - Administrative Assistant / Chief Case Manager
Anna M. Hughes - Secretary to the Federal Public Defender
Esther Reyna - Senior Legal Assistant
Irene Weaver - Legal Assistant
Justine Fjeldal - Legal Assistant

Criselda Casas - Receptionist
Lorina Guajardo - Clerical Assistant