Summer 2015
The Summer 2015 Edition of the Bulletin covers the November updates to the Sentencing Guidelines which will affect many defendants, but especially those convicted of economic crimes. Other articles discuss limitations on district courts when imposing conditions of supervised release, review the Supreme Court's decision in Johnson v. United States, and consider possible effects of that decision. The Bulletin also discusses possible changes to the "crime of violence" definitions in the Sentencing Guidelines, how the Fourth Circuit’s decision in United States v. Simmons limits when a prior offense is a felony for the purposes of offense-level enhancements under the illegal-reentry Guideline, and recent Supreme Court decisions. Plus, the Ethicsmeister addresses a recurring problem faced by appointed counsel.

Summer 2014
The Summer 2014 Bulletin reviews recent and upcoming amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines, including those addressing drugs, firearms, and alien smuggling.  It also provides an overview of recent Supreme Court decisions, as well as cases set for argument next Term.  Other articles explore in more depth issues related to restitution, application of the categorical approach in sentencing, recent causation decisions of the Supreme Court, representation of clients with mental health issues, and potential ethical issues confronting lawyers appointed as standby counsel.

Summer 2012
This Bulletin reviews upcoming amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines, including amendments concerning fraud, human rights violations, and aan amendment to the Federal Rules governing foreign depositions. The issue reviews the Supreme Court’s significant criminal cases addressing, among other things, counsel’s obligations concerning plea offers, GPS monitoring, crack and consecutive sentences. Other articles address ethics and resources available to appointed counsel.

Summer 2011
This Bulletin reviews a host of upcoming amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines, which will affect sentencings in fraud, firearms, and illegal reentry cases, as well as the statutory and Guidelines changes brought about by the Fair Sentencing Act. Other articles discuss this Term’s Fourth Amendment, Confrontation Clause, and Armed Career Criminal Act decisions in the Supreme Court. The Bulletin also looks at technological changes being implemented by the Department of Homeland Security, which may affect venue and limitations defenses in illegal reentry cases.

Winter 2011
This Bulletin discusses important changes to the Guidelines which encourage consideration of mitigating factors and alternatives to incarceration, as well as the Fair Sentencing Act. In addition, it contains tips for submitting CJA vouchers, using social networking sites, and advising alien clients regarding the immigration consequences of a conviction. Finally, two Fourth Amendment articles discuss limits on warrantless searches.

Summer 2009
This Bulletin reviews the 2009 Guideline amendment and recent Supreme Court decisions affecting identify theft cases and the admission of laboratory reports into evidence against a defendant. It also contains articles discussing citizenship claims by persons born outside the United States and the importance of variances to post-Booker sentencing practice.