Our Mission

The Federal Defender's Office is committed to excellence and a passion for justice in representing people accused of federal criminal offenses. We provide quality legal representation and advice to individuals who cannot afford a lawyer in federal criminal cases and related matters in the federal courts. We are advocates for the poor – we want our legal system to be fair to all. Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations every day by providing the highest caliber of legal counsel and advice.


Core Values

  1. Client centered representation.
    Our clients will be heard, respected, and treated in a way that is fair, unburdened by prejudice or bias, and that promotes their dignity as members of the community. Not only will we fiercely defend our clients, we will do so with compassion, by listening with an open mind and considering the conditions and experiences that have shaped their lives. We will ensure that we have advised our clients of their full range of options and respect their decisions.
  2. Excellence.
    Our office will zealously, creatively and ethically represent the interests of each client. We will protect and defend our clients with the highest level of uncompromised advocacy. Our staff will strive to hone their expertise with education and will model effective representation.
  3. Integrity.
    In the pursuit of justice, we will not compromise our integrity. We will be both zealous and ethical and we will model these principles in our behavior.
  4. Collaboration.
    Our office is committed to working in collaboration with all members of the federal defender office, with fellow defense lawyers and with other members of the community to promote the fair administration of justice for all. We will be ready and willing to share our expertise and we will welcome the opportunity to learn from others. At all times, we will treat each other with respect and dignity.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion.
    We are committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We will recruit diverse members of the community to work with us and we will promote interactions that further these goals.